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Fitness Professional Elite Show

Hello.  I'm your host Warren Martin, Fitness Best Selling Author, and I started this show to inspire, motivate, and educate everyone by having a wide range of guests talking about what they are passionate about. 


CEOs, strength coaches, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and many more who share their stories of success and failures in the hopes to teach and inspire. 

Apr 23, 2015

Warren Martin starts the show discussing the 3 most worthless fat loss products in the market.  Learn how the fitness industry uses and abuses the masses to make a quick million or billion dollars.  Warren gives quick tips on how to prevent plateaus and what actually causes them.  This is a must listen if you want to learn a game changer in your fitness or weight loss journey.

Chris Perilli founder of Pixel Mobb and Dojo Muscle discusses in depth about professional video production and mediocre video production.  Chris also gives us tools we can use to make video and pictures surpass your competition.  You will see why Chris is a worldwide sought out producer in video and print. 

If you own your own fitness, MMA, CrossFit, or any facility, you want to hear what he has to say and contact him or at least get his newest product that will bring you more business guaranteed. 

Make sure to check out Warren's Facebook page at Warren Martin Fitness and also his website at