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Fitness Professional Elite Show

Hello.  I'm your host Warren Martin, Fitness Best Selling Author, and I started this show to inspire, motivate, and educate everyone by having a wide range of guests talking about what they are passionate about. 


CEOs, strength coaches, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and many more who share their stories of success and failures in the hopes to teach and inspire. 

May 1, 2015


In this episode Warren starts off discussing the thought process of what you expect to get out of something. Warren also furthers this topic with his opportunity of meeting entrepreneurs that sold their fitness businesses for many times over what they were willing to sell it for just 12 months prior!


Plus you will hear a very inspirational story that will show you why you should never give up in anything you really want.


The guest on this show is Coach Kim Jones who is not only busy coaching and training the athletes at a college but is also preparing herself for competitions as an IFBB pro.  She hopes to compete in 2015 in the Olympia. 


You cannot miss all the great fitness, entrepreneur information, motivation, insight, strength and conditioning, and much more in this episode.


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