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Fitness Professional Elite Show

Hello.  I'm your host Warren Martin, Fitness Best Selling Author, and I started this show to inspire, motivate, and educate everyone by having a wide range of guests talking about what they are passionate about. 


CEOs, strength coaches, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and many more who share their stories of success and failures in the hopes to teach and inspire. 

Mar 15, 2015

Investing in yourself for entrepreneurial and fitness success is the topic in the foreword of Fitness Professional Elite Show podcast.  The guest Dr. Emily travels all over the world hosting and speaking at seminars and Summits on the topic of her Barefoot Training methods in fitness and health.  Dr. Emily discusses the how and why she entered both the medical and fitness side in her career.  You will see how she has invested in herself both education and fitness to get to peak levels of success in the fitness industry.  Also you will hear details about her revolutionary company Evidence Based Fitness Academy, which helps thousands of entrepreneurs and clients invest in themselves for success. 

Additional topics include writing fitness books and publication, the science behind from the ground up fitness, mentors, and much much more fitness and entrepreneurial discussion.

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