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Fitness Professional Elite Show

Hello.  I'm your host Warren Martin, Fitness Best Selling Author, and I started this show to inspire, motivate, and educate everyone by having a wide range of guests talking about what they are passionate about. 


CEOs, strength coaches, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and many more who share their stories of success and failures in the hopes to teach and inspire. 

Mar 23, 2015


Warren Martin of Warren Martin Fitness interviews Dr. John Spencer Ellis CEO/Founder of NESTA, JSE Enterprises,, MMA Conditioning Association, Get America Fit Foundation, International Triathlon Coaching Association, Spencer Institute, Personal Trainer Magazine, just to name a few.  JSE and Warren Martin discuss John life starting at the beginning in the fitness industry to where he is now.  John Ellis gives huge insight on how to position you to reach high levels of success and so much more.  Make sure to check out his website he provides to get Free elite training materials in starting and building a fitness business. 


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