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Fitness Professional Elite Show

Hello.  I'm your host Warren Martin, Fitness Best Selling Author, and I started this show to inspire, motivate, and educate everyone by having a wide range of guests talking about what they are passionate about. 


CEOs, strength coaches, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and many more who share their stories of success and failures in the hopes to teach and inspire. 

Apr 16, 2015

Warren Martin talks with Pablo Zamora, Master Z, about his martial arts business.  A talked about subject by many was debated, are defense classes good to teach or do they cause people to get hurt in the real world.  Master Z tells how it is and reveals the one thing that makes a defense class legit or not.  Also Master Z gives us the 4 components that separate his company from many martial art facilities.  This will be a system that will help many other entrepreneurs in having huge success in their businesses. 

Not only does Master Z cover the multiple disciplines he studied and attained high level black belts in, but he speaks about the psychological and physical aspects of reaching optimal health and fitness from the moms to the police officers.

If you love Bruce Lee, martial arts, fitness, motivation, and real talk, then you want to hear this interview with Pablo Zamora, Master Z!

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